Allpoints Courier and our partner Vanguard Global Logistics can take care of all your warehousing and forwarding requirements. As a warehousing and distribution specialist that offers more than the ability to store and pack goods, we can administer your business operations in an overall custom package that is measured, managed and above all, understood.

You will benefit from Contract Warehousing if you:

      • are a new business or entering a new market .
      • desire an isolated cost centre and significant savings.
      • require experienced and reliable business back-up and support.
      • seek to minimize personal risk or liability.

Allpoints Courier is centrally located in the Burnside Industrial Park in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Our distribution capabilities are by Air, Ground, Ocean and Rail. The location of our warehouse allows Allpoints Courier access to all modes of distribution whether your needs be local delivery, intra provincial delivery, national delivery or worldwide delivery.

Contract Fulfilment
Allpoints Courier in partnership with Vanguard Global Logistics, has over 20 years of extensive experience in managing small and large repackaging and order fulfillment projects.

Allpoints Courier offers a single point of contact and makes every possible effort to utilize only company workers in the handling and reworking of our customers' products.

Because we have the experience, facilities and resources, we provide on-site packing and make it our mission to manage our customers' products safely while providing the highest-level of quality of service available. Our services include

      • Specialized packaging projects
      • Order fulfillment projects of any size
      • Custom Corrugated Boxes of any size, built to replace poor quality or damaged packaging
      • Performing assembly, packaging, shrink wrapping and labeling
      • High quality packaging support to manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers and other shippers
      • Providing a quick turnaround on projects without sacrificing the integrity of our customers' final product