Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Allpoints Courier Service Unique?
Ask yourself how your current courier would compare:

Founded in 1976, Allpoints Courier Service has specialized in meeting courier and messenger needs for HRM area companies. We are the oldest and most experienced courier company in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

On Call service is now available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Allpoints Courier Service has been open every minute of every day!

Our HRM management team has over 75 years experience in local, national and worldwide courier experience.

Allpoints Courier Service offers a variety of service levels to fit your firm's needs. Be it local, national or worldwide delivery Allpoints Courier is there to help you each and every step of the way.

Locally owned and operated
More important than you may realize, Allpoints Courier Service understands the unique requirements of the HRM area companies.

Accounting support
Your firm's reference of purchase order information appears on our invoice, eliminating the headaches of inaccurate charge-back information.Custom built solutions to accommodate your future growth and accounting requirements.

WCB and 2 million liability insurance coverage.

Find out why leading medical, manufacturing, film, legal and oil and gas companies use Allpoints Courier Service for their local, national and worldwide shipping requirements.

Why Use The Allpoints Online Courier System?
There are a number of reasons why you should consider using the Allpoints Courier online shipping system.

      • Most small to medium size companies cannot get the level of discount that we can obtain on your behalf.
      • Rate quoting. The Allpoints Courier Rate Shopping system shows all shipping options for Air and Ground side by side with a price comparison for each carrier. This allows you to choose the most economical service that meets your
        shipping requirements.
      • Billing. We audit your bills from the carriers before we send them to you. This way, you deal with Allpoints Courier who protects your business from any unnecessary “up-charges” that are so prevalent in the Express industry.
      • All carrier details and services are in one easy to access and use section in our online system.
      • Nothing to purchase, No set up fees, No monthly minimum charges.


Selecting a Courier
The purpose of this area of our Web Site is to provide some basic guidance and points to consider when identifying and selecting a courier company to use.

1. Determine Your Overall Logistics Goals
Equipped with a clear understanding of your company’s overall corporate goals and objectives, you should start by considering your overall supply chain, or
logistics strategy.

In particular, what goals do you want to achieve?

2. Decide How Courier Services Will Fit Into Your Overall Supply Chain Strategy
Once you understand your overall supply chain goals, you can then begin to formulate how courier and logistics services will support your success.

Courier services are best suited to situations where:
· Speed Of Delivery Is Important
· Average Order Size Is Small
· Average Value Of Order Is (Relatively) High
· Information Requirements Are High
· Door To Door Delivery Is Required
· Risk Associated With Non Delivery Is High
· Docking Facilities/Equipment For Large Vehicles Are Not Available
· Creating A Premium Image Is Important

3. Identify Your Specific Courier Needs
Before contacting any actual courier companies, it is best to formulate a clear understanding in your own mind of what specific capabilities you require from the
suppliers you will use. These are also sometimes referred to as Key Buying Criteria.

Examples of typical criteria used include:
· Delivery Reliability
· Geographic Coverage
· Features Of Service
· Delivery Speed
· Range Of Services
· Competitive Price
· Tracking/Shipment Visibility
· Flexibility
· Package Handling Care
· Value Added Service Options

4. Identify Possible Companies
As an example, did you know that if you deal with a courier company that doesn’t have a viable workers compensation insurance program in place and an employee of that company (perhaps, a driver) is injured while making a delivery to your location that you (as the shipper) could be held liable for damages? Dealing with a CCLA members will provide your company with several meaningful and tangible benefits.

To find a CCLA member in your area