Dangerous Goods

With over 15 years of experience handling hazardous materials our couriers and ground handlers are extensively trained in dangerous goods regulations. Our solution specialists will work with you to optimize the handling of your shipments, by offering guidance on packaging and labeling to arranging after-hours pickups.

Dry Ice
Our dedicated team can help with all aspects of your shipping needs from planning the fastest route to suit your budget as well as controlled solutions for dry ice, liquid nitrogen, refrigerated cool packs. Allpoints Courier offers efficient, effective transportation solutions for all your needs, within Canada and to over 200 countries worldwide.

Medical Waste

Allpoints Courier with Medic Delivery has over 11 years experience with the transportation, labelling, manifesting and disposal of bio-hazardous medical materials. Servicing several large and small generators of biomedical wastes and products, we currently transport specimens to pathological laboratories, biomedical waste for disposal, and dangerous goods. We also provide education and training programs to clients working with these materials.


Allpoints Courier and Medic Delivery maintains all permits and certifications supporting the transportation of regulated bio-medical wastes and infectious substances and complies with all laws and regulations under the NS Health and Safety Act.

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