Life Sciences

Medical Courier Division
Medic Delivery Service through its operating division Allpoints Courier has over 20 years experience in the transportation, labelling, manifesting and disposal of bio-hazardous medical materials for generators of biomedical wastes and products. We currently transport specimens to pathological laboratories, biomedical waste for disposal, and dangerous goods such as liquid nitrogen and dry ice. We also provide education and training programs to clients working with these materials.

Allpoints Courier maintains all permits and certifications supporting the transportation of regulated bio-medical wastes and infectious substances and complies with all laws and regulations under the NS Health and Safety Act.

Blood Banking
Allpoints Courier provides blood banks, hospitals, and testing labs with the most flexible service, latest pickups, and the earliest deliveries in the industry – providing more donor time, earlier results, and greater resource-sharing capabilities.

Cord Blood Banking

When umbilical cord blood is collected for banking, shorter transit time means greater stem cell viability. Allpoints Courier provides prompt pickup from the hospital room and delivery to the cord blood bank, carefully following AABB temperature guidelines during ground and air transportation of your shipment.

Organ Transportation
With organ transplantation, the difference between life and death can be measured in minutes. Allpoints Courier provides unparalleled shipping efficiency combined with utmost sensitivity with the donor family in mind. We are teamed with the industry leaders in door-to-door, around-the-clock service and on-time delivery. We also provide on-demand charter service to quickly transport organs as well as transplant teams.